Automatic cutting thickness regulating unit ANTD-02 is designed to be mounted in the 2-saw sawmill.

Available functions:

  • the saw kerf taken into account when setting the dimension
  • automatic setting of 2 saws to the cut size
  • automatic lifting the saw at the return run
  • the possibility of using the reference point for the return of one of the saws
  • protection in case of a damage of the traffic system
  • automatic adjustment to the drive type of the machine
  • menu in Polish and English
  • operating temperature -10* to 40* C


The automatic dimension adjuster ANTD-03 is designed for positioning the heads in machines such as a 2-saw circular sawmill.

Available functions:

  • automatic positioning of heads to the set size
  • the possibility of positioning a single head or both
  • 2 independent user programs with the ability to write to the memory of one of them
  • the ability to save the reference point of the horizontal head return
  • saw cut included in dimension positioning
  • horizontal saw height display
  • menu in Polish and English
  • memory of dimensions after turning off the power
  • working temperature from -10 to 50 degrees C.

User manual ANTD-03