Automatic cutting thickness regulating unit ISP-012F intended to be mounted in a horizontal belt sawmill.

Functions available:

  • Cooperation with a frequency converter (inverter)
  • accurate positioning method using 2 approach speeds to the position
  • Possibility of positioning heavy heads using inverter braking resistors
  • saw kerf taken into account when setting the dimension
  • regular cutting board by board
  • cutting in normal mode without removing boards after cutting
  • arranging the cutting program from the track level, using the "item by item up" method
  • quick measurement of the cut material using the "up to the saw height" method
  • arrangement of three independent cutting programs stored in the memory of the adjuster
  • quick dimension keys
  • raising the saw to the return position by the thickness of the current cut
  • protection in the event of damage to the traffic system
  • possibility of using electronic and electromechanical limit switches
  • automatic adaptation to the type of machine drive
  • working temperature -20 to 50 degrees C.

User manual ISP-12F